Festival "Dniester Day"

This eco-festival takes place in Vovche village near the source of Dniester River under the auspices of Turka District Public Organization "Agency of Regional Development of Turka Region" (Ukraine). Its purpose is to promote traditional cultural heritage, environmental awareness among the population, strengthening of contacts and cultural ties with the cities of Dniester basin, exchange of knowledge, cultural and folk traditions, features, experience, expansion worldview.
Festival takes place on picturesque Beskids among fragrant greenery. Here you may live in a tent camp on Vovche land, that has been hiding secrets of one of the most ancient Boyko cultures for over five hundred years. Participants will have a day of music and song festival, combined with the secrets of history and sports. Also, participants will have a trip for mushrooms, watching movies under open air, performances of Boyko groups, Dniester fire, hike to the source of the Dniester, bike ride "Turka-Rozluch-source of Dniester river-Vovche-Turka", competitions of SUVs and ATVs “Dnister trophies”, Worship in churches, exhibitions of industrial goods, agricultural products, works of fine, decorative and applied arts of Boyko region, presentation of pavilions of culinary art “Boyko kitchen ”, festive procession-parade of Boyko burden, laying flowers to graves and monuments to soldiers of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, children's football tournament, concerts with the participation of winners of regional and All-Ukrainian festivals, creative teams, artists of Ukraine, dances, fireworks.
Fresh air, coniferous forests and creative atmosphere are waiting for you to visit Boyko region.