Turka region invites

Boyko Festival

World Boyko Festival and World Boyko Congress are a grand Boyko forum attended by boyko from all over the world. This is the largest festival in Ukraine, that is captivated by folk art and unique Boyko culture. Boyko festivals are held every 5 years, and World Boyko Congress - once every 3 years in Turka city.


Festival "Feast of Bread"

Borynya village hosts the district festival "Feast of Bread". It shows the whole way and how much work needs to be invested to bake a delicious loaf of bread. On the improvised thrashing floor it is possible to thresh a grain in sheaves with flail, that had been mowed down with scythes previously, and in some places harvested with a sickle.


Festival "Dniester Day"

This eco-festival takes place in Vovche village near the source of Dniester River under the auspices of Turka District Public Organization "Agency of Regional Development of Turka Region" (Ukraine). Its purpose is to promote traditional cultural heritage, environmental awareness among the population, strengthening of contacts and cultural ties with the cities of Dniester basin, exchange of knowledge, cultural and folk traditions, features, experience, expansion worldview.