Turka region

Source of mineral water Sodova, Rozluch village

Hydrological natural monument mineral water "Sodova"


Hydrocarbonate sodium waters of "Sodova" type of medium mineralization, Source №2.
Applicable to treatment of stomach, intestine and duodenum, in particular gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis with high/normal acidity, etc.
Medium-mineralized hydrocarbonate sodium water, temperature – 6-10°С, mineralization — 12,0-12,9g/dm3

Chemical composition:

anions (mg/dm3): HCO3 (hydrocarbons) – 7,991-8,235; SO4 (sulfates) – up to 0,006; Cl (chlorides) – 0,625-0,719

cations (mg/dm3): Na (natrium) – 3,374-3,760; Mg (magnesium) – 0,012-0,039; Ca2 (calcium) – 0,008-0,012

According to the content of hydrogen ions, water is alkaline with a constant value: pH-8,0.

Recommendations for water consumption:

Water is useful for the treatment of diseases of stomach, intestine and duodenum (ulcer, chronic gastritis with high and normal acidity, gastroduodenitis). It is recommended for severe pain syndrome to use warmed to a temperature of 35 degrees.
Water temperature is important during drinking treatment. Drinking of cold water increases the peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract, and with increased sensitivity of muscles of stomach, intestine or bile ducts may lead to spasm. Therefore, usually heated water is appointed.
The most effective water temperature for drinking is 35-45 degrees


In 1979, Odessa Research Institute of Balneology conducted analysis of water chemical composition and here is the conclusion they made:
Complex of hydrogeological and physicochemical studies performed in 1978-1979 by the Odessa Research Institute of Balneology allowed to distinguish two balneological groups of mineral waters within Rozluch deposit: slightly hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium waters of “Naftusya” type of source №1 and hydrocarbonate sodium waters of middle mineralization (12,0-12,9 g/l) without the content of specific components and properties of source №2. Slightly mineralized waters are confined to shallow in the upper fracture zone Paleogene flysch deposits at the junction of Silesian and Sub Silesian structural-facies zone and to the area of rock enrichment with organic matter. Mineral waters of medium mineralization (source №2) are also confined to Paleogene flysch strata, but are formed in other conditions in comparison with the waters of source №1. These waters are considered as condensational or solutional, brought by tectonic shifts to the surface from considerable depths.
Therapeutic effect of hydrocarbonate sodium waters of medium mineralization of source №2 of Rozluch deposit is established by analogy with mineral waters used in famous resorts ("Borjomi", "Polyana Kvasova"). Medical indications for their use are: chronic gastritis, mainly with preserved and increased secretory function of the stomach, peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, chronic colitis, chronic diseases of liver, biliary and urinary tract, metabolic diseases (diabetes mellitus, uric acid diathesis, oxaluria), chronic pancreatitis.

Coordinates: Rozluch village, 49.244029, 22.976256