Turka region

Source of mineral water Naftusya and Zalizna, Rozluch village

Mineral water source "Naftusya" and "Zalizna"


Mineral water source №1 "Naftusya" is a hydrological natural monument of local significance in Ukraine. Located within Rozluch village, on the territory of landscape reserve "Rozluch".

Hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium waters of “Naftusya” type are the waters of weak mineralization. Water has a specific smell of hydrogen sulfide and oily taste.

"Naftusya" is used to eliminate and prevent the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys, gallbladder; promotes normalization of metabolism, improvement of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, urinary and biliary tract; increases immunity; prevents cancer, etc.

It is recommended to consume water right away, as it loses its properties very soon.

Comparative characteristics of physicochemical composition of slightly mineralized waters of source №1 and mineral waters of “Naftusya” type of Truskavets and Skhidnytsya deposits shows their significant similarity in most of the main components and properties, as well as relative stability of the composition.

Sources of “Naftusya” type are available in Vovche too: in the tracts Mlaka, Pasiky, near Sichak, Gylytyata, near Antsa Shevchyshyna. Sources of healing mineral water are available in almost all villages of Turka region. From these sources people take water, drink and use it for medicinal purposes.

There is also a water source “Zalizna” on the territory of “Rozluch” reserve. The source flows on a mountain slope in the wood, not far from the country road. Water has very good taste, but it should be consumed with caution - it can damage tooth enamel. No detailed research of the source was conducted.


In 1979, Odessa Research Institute of Balneology conducted analysis of water chemical composition and here is the conclusion they made:

Complex of hydrogeological and physicochemical studies performed in 1978-1979 by the Odessa Research Institute of Balneology allowed to distinguish two balneological groups of mineral waters within Rozluch deposit: slightly hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium waters of “Naftusya” type of source №1 and hydrocarbonate sodium waters of middle mineralization (12,0-12,9 g/l) without the content of specific components and properties of source №2.

On the basis of the number and total growth activity of specific physiological groups of microorganisms, the presence of antimicrobial properties, slightly mineralized waters of source №1 of Rozluch village are similar to waters of “Naftusya” type (sources №1 and №10 of Skhidnytsia resort).

Coordinates: Rozluch village, Naftusya 49.24094, 22.98644, Zalizna 49.23994, 22.99081