Turka region

Folk Museum “Boykivshchyna”, Turka city

Folk Museum “Boykivshchyna”


The pride of Turka city is the folk museum "Boykivshchyna", located in the City Hall. It is a treasure trove of history, rituals, customs, culture and life of boyko. Museum was established in 1987 by librarians and operated at that time as a department of the library. In 1997, museum “Boykivshchyna”received the title of folk museum, and now operates as a separate structural unit of the Department of Culture and Tourism.

Museum has four exhibition rooms: ethnography (collected clothes, shoes, woodwork and antique embroidery of boyko); subsistence farming (wooden hand chopper, lamanka - flax grinder, wooden shredder, cattle skin chafing machine, wooden blacksmith's bellows); Ukrainian diaspora (collected literature published by our compatriots abroad, photos, stage clothes of the choir "Homin" and other archival materials of people from our region) and the room of Fr. Mykhailo Zubrytskyy (his biography, research work, life and activities in Turka region are presented). In these rooms there are 1538 original exhibits and 1641 units of book fund.

Museum hosts various thematic tours, lessons in local lore and Easter painting, together with Department of Culture and Tourism, library and district People's House, museum staff take part in various mass events and exhibitions, actively participate in festivals and boyko Congresses held in Turka region.

Local history and ethnography lessons are held by district schools on the basis of the museum, museum cooperates closely with kindergartens and recreation centers.

Folk museum “Boykivshchyna” annually holds literary and local lore competition named after Myron Utrysk, in which contestants take part not only from different regions of Ukraine, but also from abroad, including America and Canada. Every year museum publishes final literary and local lore bulletin of competition "From peaks and lowlands", in which the best works of winners and diploma winners of the competition are published.

In total, every year folk museum "Boykivshchyna" is visited by more than 1500 visitors of different ages.

Coordinates: Turka city, 49.15331, 23.03406