Turka region

Carpathian Cheese Factory of Komarnytsky, Borynya village

Carpathian Cheese Factory of Komarnytsky


Craft cheeses and dairy products are becoming increasingly popular. Despite on the higher cost, people search and wish to buy natural products made according to ancient recipes. After all, such cheese, kefir or yogurt does not contain vegetable fats or other "chemistry". Demand for such products exceeds supply, so family cheese factories develop production and offer a growing range of products. In addition, such cheese factories are mostly open to visitors, and conduct tours and tastings for their guests. One of them is a cheese factory of Komarnytsky.

In the center of Boyko peaks - Borynya village of Turka district, Komarnytsky family is reviving cheese traditions of the region. This village was once known for its cheeses throughout Europe thanks to German colonists who made and transported cheese from Borynya to Vienna, Prague and Paris.
Now Bohdan and Natalia Komarnytsky invite for Boyko cheeses. They make "live" cheese "Boykivskyy", "Halytskyy", "Videnskyy" and brined cheese, homemade yogurts, sourdoughs, as well as bread and “knysh” on firewood. As Bohdan Komarnytsky said, guys from Transcarpathia taught him to make "live" cheese, who in turn were taught by Swiss cheesemakers. Komarnytsky family bakes their bread from wholemeal flour called Golomsha. This is the grain that our ancestors used to make bread. Golomsha grain products are of better quality, more nutritious, healthier, tastier, safer, and more natural than products grown using intensive technologies.

The work of cheesemaker is not easy at all and requires a lot of time. On his excursions, Bohdan Komarnytsky tells and shows the process of making perhaps the most delicious cheeses in Turka region.

We offer you to visit Cheese Factory of Komarnytsky in Borynya village. Groups of tourists who have pre-booked the tour will have a tasting of products and opportunity to buy incredibly delicious cheeses and breads produced by Komarnytsky family.

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