Turka region

Mount Pikuy, Verkhne Husne village

Mount Pikuy


The route to Pikuy Mount passes through forest mountain slopes from Verkhne Husne village. The length of the route is 8 km in one direction from village center, and the duration is 2-3 hours in one direction. The height of Pikuy mount peak is 1408 meters above sea level, and maximum vertical rise from the starting point - 800 meters. Recommended time of year for climbing is spring-autumn.

Pikuy mount is the highest peak in Lviv region, located on the border with Transcarpathia region. This is a picturesque corner of the Carpathian Mountains, that has collected amazing landscapes. Here is reserve "Pikuy" of national importance. Pikuy mount is the highest (1408 meters) among the Watershed Beskids and the entire Bieszczady ridge. Pikuy mount is located on the border of Lviv and Transcarpathia regions in Verkhne Husne village of Turka district.

The surface of the mountain top is of cone-shaped asymmetrical form. The slopes are densely covered with juniper and beech forest. At the very top there is a reinforced concrete stele 5 meters high. A stone pillar-obelisk built in honor of Czechoslovakia's first president, Tomas Masaryk. Obelisk was installed in 1935 by the inhabitants of Verkhne Husne village, that together with Transcarpathia, was part of Czechoslovakia before the war.

From the mount top is a wonderful picturesque panorama of several famous Carpathian peaks opens:

  • mountain meadow Runa 1482 meters high;
  • mount Hostra, top of which reaches 1405 meters;
  • mount Stiy, height is 1677 meters.

The way to the mount top is not difficult, so it is suitable even for children.

How to get to the mountain:

Prevailing part of any path to the mountain itself runs through the forest. You can get to Pikuy from Verkhne Husne or Kryvka village, from where the path to the top varies from 10 to 12 km.

Experienced travelers advise to start the hike from Lybohora village. From there you can get to the pass "Rus way". And from the last one an 8 km long trampled path leads to Pikuy mount.

It is not difficult to get by train to all stations and settlements from Lviv.

Autumn is a time of drive rest. If you can't afford the velvet season at sea, go to Carpathians – to pick up mushrooms, inhale to full chest fresh air. It is said that every Ukrainian should ascend to the highest peak of the country - Hoverla, at least once in his life. If so, then every inhabitant of Lviv region should conquer at least Pikuy.

Coordinates: Verkhne Husne village, 48.871432, 23.018002