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Tourism and excursions are the best way of active recreation. Turka region has excellent opportunities for this. In the mountain system of Carpathians, this area has a number of features that are manifested in its nature, history and economic activities of people. Here is one of the most beautiful mountain meadows of the mountainous Lviv region - Bukovets mountain meadow in the eastern part of which rises the highest peak of the region Pikuy mountain. A wonderful panorama of the mountains of Turka, Skole and Transcarpathia is opened from here.
A picturesque excursion corner is the source of Dniester River - the largest river in Lviv region and one of the largest rivers in Ukraine. Here is part of the Main European Watershed, that separates the waters of the Baltic and Black Seas. Attractive for tourists are mountain ranges: Verkhovyna watershed (that separates the waters of river basins of Dniester and Danube), Rozluch, Vysokyi Verkh; peaks Pikuy, Magura Lymnyanska, Minchol Zubrytsky, Shymonets, Kyevets, Zvirynets and others.
Tourist and excursion objects are historical places of the region. This is Uzhok Pass - the place of the first battles of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen; this is the outskirt of Svidnyk village – the place of the first oath of Ukrainian Insurgent Army units to loyalty to Ukraine and its people. There are remnants of military settlements and sentinel settlements of the period of Kyiv and Galicia-Volyn states on the territory of the district. Fascinating for travelers are Boyko villages themselves, that are spread like a garlands along rivers and streams. Many of them have wonderful monuments of history and architecture.
With the development of rural green tourism, Turka region is becoming increasingly popular in this regard. Tourists are attracted here primarily by ecological purity of mountain nature with beautiful landscapes. Complete absence of industrial sphere provides good medical and health opportunities. These are primarily numerous sources of mineral waters such as "sodova", "naftusya" and clean healing air.
In summer, vacationers may pick up mushrooms, berries and herbs, fishing, hunting, go cycling, horseback riding, swimming in mountain rivers, spend unforgettable evenings by the fire in the mountains.
In winter, guests may ski, sled, skate, get acquainted with folk rites and feel the solemnity of religious winter holidays: St. Nicholas, Christmas, Old New Year, Epiphany. Mass festivities, carols, nativity scenes make the unforgettable impression on vacationers.
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Route "Golden Ring of Boyko region"

Turka – Rozluch – Sambir – Kulchytsi – Nahujevychi – Skhidnytsia – Urich – Skole – Tukhlia – Nyzhni Vorota – Volovets – Mizhhirya – Synevyrske Lake – Bolekhiv – Morshyn – Stryi – Drohobych – Truskavets – Skhidnytsia – Turka.
The length of the route is 534 km, duration 6-7 days.
This interesting for tourists car travel route, proposed by the famous local historian Yaroslav Tyryk, a teacher at Limnyanska Secondary School in Turka district, ran through the territory of Boyko region within Lviv, Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

Route "Rus way – ancient way through the Carpathians"
Sambir – Strilky – Limna – Vovche – the source of Dniester – Rozluch – Turka – Borynya – Komarnyky – Lybohora – pass "Rusky put" – valley of Latorytsia river (Transcarpathia).
The length of the route is 80 km, duration is 5-6 days.
Tourists have the opportunity to pass through one of the oldest and safest routes, which since Neolithic times were used by tribes and peoples who lived on both sides of the Carpathians, as well as on the banks of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. It ran along the valley of Dniester River, and then Stryy River to Verkhovyna Watershed Range. While traveling on “Rusky put” route tourists can find out that the fortified settlements and sentinel settlements stood near well-visible peaks, and from the previous one the next one along the way is clearly visible.

Route "Verkhovyna Watershed Range"
Rozluch – Turka – Syanky (by train) – Verkhovyna Watershed Range (to Pikui mountain) - Husne.
The length of the route is 75 km, 38 km of which - on foot.
Near Syanky village (the highest mountain village of the district - 890 m above sea level) is the source of Syan river. Now Syanky has become a center of skiing (in 1913 it was the best ski trail in Poland), there are trails for cross-country skiing and winter orienteering. On the border with Transcarpathia is Uzhok Pass, a witness of terrible historical events: there are graves of Austro-Hungarian and Russian soldiers killed in the First World War and symbolic grave of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen at the site of their first battle in September 1914. From Syanky tourists walk to Pikuy mountain (1408 m) by Verkhovyna Watershed Range. From above there are wonderful views of Transcarpathia, Skoliv Beskydy and Turka Verkhovyna. Tourists will be enchanted by the flora of Pikuy mount. It is no coincidence that a reserve with an area of 711 hectares has been created here.

Route "Go, ride or swim"
Rozluch – Yavora – Svidnyk – Yasinka – Kindrativ – Golovske – Skhidnytsya (Drohobych region) – Urych (Skole region).
The length of the route is 60 km, duration is 4-5 days.
This route is special because it can be done both on foot and by car or by boat on Stryi river. Known far beyond the region are waterfall Yavirny (near Yavora), stepped rock (near Yasinka Zamkova) and legendary Uritsky rocks, where in the X-XIII centuries there was functionating a powerful fortress Tustan. On the rocks of the mountain drawings of ancient pagans are preserved. The historical place is the outskirt of Svydnyk village, where in summer of 1944 the first stage of military oath was taken by Ukrainian Insurgent Army to the only government of Ukraine – Ukrainian Main Liberation Council.
In Kindrativ village a prominent ethnographer and historian Mykhailo Zubrytsky was born (1856-1919).

Route "Makivka - the mountain of immortal glory of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen"
Rozluch – Turka – Ilnyk – Bagnuvate – Vysokyi Verkh ridge – Kozeva (Skole region) – Polovetske – Makivka mountain.
The length of the route is 50-55 km, duration is 2-3 days.
The route runs through the picturesque places of Turka region, Skole region to the mountain of immortal glory of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen - Makivka. This route was initiated in the mid-80s by the patriotic youth of Turka region under the leadership of their leader Myron Utrysko.
From Vysokyi Verkh ridge a wonderful panorama of inhabited Stryi-Syanka Verkhovyna and forested Skole Beskids is opened. This part of Turka and Skole regions is the least accessible to humans, so flora and fauna are best preserved here.

Route "Turka - the capital of Boyko region"
Duration of the route is 8 hours.
The route passes through Turka city, that has many historical and architectural monuments: a monument to Taras Shevchenko, memorial plaques to Commissar of Western Ukrainian People's Republic, Ivan Franko, Myron Utrysko, memorials to victims of Bolshevik repressions of 1944-1945 (Zavalyna tract), to compatriots of Border Guard Corps unit shot in 1939, memorial cross to victims of Holodomor on Shimenka mount, Church of Intercession (1780), Church of St. Nicholas (1739), Church of Assumption of Blessed Virgin (1750), Roman Catholic Church, Synagogue, Town Hall , Folk Museum “Boykivshchyna”, Literary Museum and Museum of Lymych family, monument to Afghan soldiers, graves to soldiers - liberators of Turka region.